10th Year Anniversary Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium

Celebrating a Decade
of the Jump ARCHES Partnership

Monday, October 16, 2023

8:00 aM - 4:00 PM
(Reception to Follow)

Illinois Ballroom
1900 South First Street Champaign, IL 61820-6914

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Keynote speaker:
Roderic I. Pettigrew, PhD, MD

Dr. Pettigrew serves as chief executive officer (CEO) of Engineering Health (EnHealth) and executive dean for Engineering Medicine (EnMed) at Texas A&M University, in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr. Pettigrew also holds the endowed Robert A. Welch Chair in Medicine. EnHealth is the nation's first comprehensive educational program to fully integrate engineering into all health-related disciplines. EnMed is the nation's first four-year, fully-integrated engineering and medical education curriculum leading to both an MD and master's degree in engineering in four years.

Roderic I. Pettigrew in 2022
Roderic I. Pettigrew in 2022, CEO of EnHealth and Executive Dean of EnMed, Texas A&M University

An internationally recognized leader in biomedical imaging and bioengineering, Dr. Pettigrew served for 15 years as the founding director for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) at National Institutes of Health (NIH). Prior to his appointment at the NIH, he joined Emory University School of Medicine as professor of radiology and medicine (cardiology) and Georgia Institute of Technology as professor of bioengineering. He is known for pioneering work in four-dimensional imaging of the cardiovascular system using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Dr. Pettigrew has been elected to membership in the National Academy of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the National Academy of Inventors, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences, India. His awards include gold medals from the Academy of Radiology Research and the Radiological Society of North America, the Arthur M. Bueche Award from the NAE and the Vannevar Bush Award from the National Science Board.

He is a graduate of Morehouse College as a Merrill Scholar (BS in physics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a Whitaker HST fellow (PhD in radiation physics) , the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami ( MD), and completed residency training at UC-San Diego.

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