Connecting Engineers and Physicians

We foster collaborative projects in these areas:


Jump Arches Partnership

Jump ARCHES focuses on creating simulation and educational tools through imaging, health information technology, novel sensors and devices, and human factors engineering, and a collaborator with HCESC.


Jump Simulation Center

The Jump Simulation Center, managed by HCESC, is a 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art simulation and education center. The Center is equipped with the latest mannequin based simulators and virtual reality tools to meet the needs of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine and other medical and allied health organizations in Central Illinois.


3rd Annual Health Data Analytics Summit
April 6, 2020
iHotel and Convention Center
Champaign, IL

*Due to University policies regarding COVID-19, the Health Data Analytics Summit has been cancelled. Please remain attentive to this page for details about a virtual summit regarding COVID-19 on April 6, 2020.