Health Data Analytics Initiative

The Health Data Analytics Initiative is a central hub that connects clinical investigators with engineers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence experts from across the university. We're committed to enabling and driving fundamental medical research and improving health care delivery by designing tailored AI and data retrieval solutions for our partners. We've won grants from, NSF, and more, and work with everyone from private companies to government agencies.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

We design self-learning software and cognitive systems to improve medical care and drive clinical research.

Big Data, Computing, & Security

We design systems to efficiently retrieve, compute, and store data while researching AI-based controls to ensure privacy and security.

Smart & Connected Communities

We're working to extend healthcare service from hospitals into homes through data analytics and smart health technologies.

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Our Partners


Mayo Clinic

OSF HealthCare System

Carle Foundation Hospital

Discovery Partners Institute

University of Chicago School of Medicine



Center for AI Driven Health Data Systems and Analytics

Center for Computational Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine

Coordinated Science Laboratory

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute



George Heintz, Assistant Director Health Data Analytics |

Health Care Engineering Systems Center | 1206 W. Clark Street, Urbana, IL 61801 |