Introducing the UVBot

A programmable robot that kills COVID-19 using UV light

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of engineers from The Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The UVBot is a low-cost robot that can be programmed to clean spaces such as schools, offices, and public transportation to inactivate COVID-19 with UV light. It promises 99% virus inactivation and can be controlled over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to prevent UV exposure. The UVBot can be made from a Roomba robot, UV lamp, and 3D-printed parts. A provisional patent has been filed.

“Reopening our country safely is a huge task, and we’re proud to be a small part of it.”

T. Kesh Kesavadas, Director, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

The UVBot has been in development since May 2020. The interdisciplinary team of engineers who have made the UVBot successful belong to the Health Care Engineering Systems Center, Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, Veterinary Biosciences, and Civil and Environmental Engineering at Illinois.

Behind-the-Scenes of the UVBot

HCESC Simulation Engineer Harris Nisar discusses the technology and concept behind the UVBot at the COVID-19 Monthly Seminar Series on December 9, 2020.

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Thanks to the UVBot Team:

T. Kesh Kesavadas, Director, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Thanh Helen Nguyen, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Harris Nisar, Simulation Engineer, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Elbashir Araud, Research Scientist, Holonyak Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

Peter Chien, Jump ARCHES Summer Intern, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Yao Li, Ph.D. student, Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Fanxin Wang, Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering