HCESC Staff Help Develop Illinois RapidVent

Engineers across The Grainger College of Engineering, including team members of the Health Care Engineering Systems Center, have developed the Illinois RapidVent, a working prototype of an emergency ventilator for COVID-19 patients.

Due to COVID-19, the United States is experiencing a severe shortage of ventilators for the rising number of patients in need; patients hit hardest by the disease often require ventilators. The pandemic is expected to peak within the month, prompting hospitals statewide to take precautions and companies that manufacture consumer goods to begin manufacturing ventilators instead.

The Grainger College of Engineering, home to thousands of innovators and brilliant minds throughout University history, has made history again with the development of the Illinois RapidVent in just under two weeks. The project began on March 16, 2020, with a team of more than 40 engineers, doctors, medical professionals, designers, and manufacturing experts.

“This is Apollo 13… We have a team of brilliant and dedicated people that made something that actually works in less than one week. It’s very inspiring. We hope that we can engage even more people to work on the global response to COVID-19 as we continue to develop the prototype.”

William King, Professor in The Grainger College of Engineering and the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

The Health Care Engineering Systems Center is proud to boast its place as home to four of the RapidVent team members:

  • T. Kesh Kesavadas, Director of the Health Care Engineering Systems Center
  • Anusha Muralidharan, Simulation Engineer
  • Harris Nisar, Simulation Engineer
  • Shandra Jamison, Simulation Center Manager at Jump Simulation Center

The Illinois RapidVent has made its design free and accessible to any manufacturer wishing to produce the product. For more information about the Illinois RapidVent, please visit: https://rapidvent.grainger.illinois.edu/index.asp.