Health Information Technologies

A broad concept that encompasses an array of technologies to store, share, analyze and generally manage health information. These e-health tools are designed to place the patient at the center of the medical care, aiming to:

  • Improve health care quality and effectiveness
  • Increase health care productivity and efficiency
  • Prevent medical errors and increase health care accuracy and procedural correctness
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Extend real-time communications of health informatics among health care professionals
  • Expand access to affordable care.

Researchers working in this area include:

Carolyn L. Beck

Roy Campbell

Xin Chen

Carl Gunter

Darko Marinov

Olgica Milenkovic

Sayan Mitra

Rakesh Nagi

Klara Nahrstedt

Dan Roth

Bruce Schatz

Saurabh Sinha

Ramavarapu S. Sreenivas

Rayadurgam Srikant

Deborah L. Thurston

Lav RVarshney

Shobha Vasudevan

Qiong Wang

Tandy Warnow