Jump Simulation Center @ Illinois

artist's rendering of the renovated everitt laboratory

Students practice techniques on a set of simulated human lungsWith a $10 million gift, the University of Illinois has launched the Jump Simulation Center, with the mission of training a new type of doctor, uniquely equipped to transform health care. Located on the Urbana campus, the Center is part of the new Carle Illinois College of Medicine, the first medical school in the nation focused—from the beginning—at the intersection of engineering and medicine.

The gift is the result of a growing partnership with Chicago-based Jump Trading, a financial technology firm. The Jump Simulation Center is located in the lower-level of the newly renovated Everitt Laboratory, which also serves as home to Department of Bioengineering at Illinois.

Medical and engineering students will be immersed in technology-driven clinical environments at the Jump Simulation Center. They will design and learn how to use:

  • New medical devices.
  • New mobile, low-cost technologies for rural and developing areas.
  • New medical simulation tools.
  • New bio-printing and bio-fabrication techniques.

The Jump Simulation Center includes:

  • Debriefing rooms, where medical faculty and students will review students’ training sessions in the ER, OR, and patient rooms.
  • 4 General skills lab, where medical students will train with devices that replicate specific anatomy so they can practice skills like suturing and wound care.
  • 4 clinical skills rooms for patient care.
  • An ICU skills lab.
  • A virtual skill lab that uses gaming theory to teach things like surgical skills.
  • The surgical skills lab is used to train students in surgical procedures and help them enhance team communication in critical situations.

Students interact with virtual reality visor while what they see is shown on a screenStudent injects fluid into a simulated human heart

Equipment found in the Jump Simulation Center:

  • VR Head Mount Systems
  • Laptop Computers for VR Lab
  • Breast Exam Simulator
  • VR System
  • Gynecological Simulator
  • Newborn Pedi Skills Trainer
  • Newborn Airway Trainer
  • Normal and Abnormal Uteri
  • Adult IV & Injection Arm
  • AED Trainer
  • Baby Stap
  • Catheterization/enema trainer
  • Harvey Heart
  • Infant IO Leg
  • Newborn Anne
  • SimBaby
  • SimJunior
  • SimMan 3G
  • SimMan ALS
  • SimNewborn
  • Ventriloscope
  • SAM 3G
  • FLS
  • Lumbar Puncture & Epidural Simulator Mk 2
  • Adult Blood Pressure Arm
  • Cervical dilation trainer
  • Otoscopy Trainer
  • Lumbar puncture/Epidural Trainer
  • Venipuncture Pad
  • Ultrasound
  • Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope
  • Adult Crash Cart
  • Pediatric Crash Cart